Customization is available upon request!

A surcharge is added in for each custom piece! ANY hair clip/ pair of rainbow earrings can be customized! Please purchase a "custom" listing from this page and email ( or DM @haircandybyhan on instagram with your detailed request of what colors/ gems you would like to be used! If you have an outfit that you need a matching clip/ pair of earrings for, please send the photo via email and outline your request vividly! If you'd like for me to replicate a clip that I've made in the past that is SOLD OUT on the site, please note, I use broken up vintage jewelry so most of my pieces CANNOT be exactly replicated. HOWEVER, I will get as close as I can as I use very unique gems, shapes, colors and sizes. 

For BRIDAL CUSTOMIZATION Inquiries, please click here!

*Please note: All items are handmade, customs will likely take longer than my items that are "in stock" and pre-made! Please be patient with me in the creative process, I work as quickly as I can!