I'm a lover of all things that make a statement; vintage jewelry being at the top of that list. I've collected vintage pieces since I was merely a child. Each piece beautiful, unique and perfectly curated, its hard to omit a piece of vintage jewelry from my everyday outfit. When I thumbed through my jewelry box filled to the brim with unique and perfectly curated vintage jewelry, it hit me. What better way to marry vintage beauty to the modern everyday look?
"If only these gems were hair clips I could wear EVERY DAY..," I remember thinking.
It was then, that for the first time, I took a broken vintage necklace full of beautiful, unbroken gems and took it apart, but preserved each gem. I then sourced those gems to create my first line of "hair candy." It's jewelry... for your hair!
I couldn't stop... the vintage gems recreated into a modern beautiful piece... I had to share them. I decided to sell my first batch of clips and IT WAS A HIT. The clips sold faster than I could make them. 
The clips caught on FAST and girls quickly realized they needed more than just one because you could stack them to create an even more appealing, unique and beautiful look.
Each hair clip includes modern gems as well as vintage gems in vintage settings. I have a regular line, created with glass gems, that is VERY affordable. I also created a more high-end line that is made with swarovski gems in vintage brass, oxidized settings that is a bit pricer. My swarovski line is appealing to brides, women who love something a bit more luxurious, and those who enjoy something with a bit more sparkle! 
Hair candy is made for everything from your everyday look to your wedding day! The goal of Hair Candy is for it to serve as a modern design with a nostalgic spin. I hope to celebrate the beauty of vintage jewelry while incorporating it into your modern outfit that will speak to both the love of vintage and the love of everyday style. 
Each clip is different, no two the same. The gems themselves are so unique that its nearly impossible to create the same clip twice. The clips compliment each other beautifully when worn several at a time but also serve as a statement when worn alone.
My hope is that each woman, regardless of their financial situation, can enjoy hair candy as I curate collections in every price range. I desire for Hair Candy to serve as an affordable luxury with a story. Each clip is one of a kind; it is unique, beautiful and special and can never be reproduced twice; JUST LIKE YOU!