Rainbow Size Chart & Gem Care

Do you know your rainbow sizes?!

✨MINI RAINBOWS- the most subtle of our rainbows, the mini were made to FRAME your face, hitting just above the jawbone.

✨MIDI RAINBOWS- hitting slightly below the jawbone, the midis achieve the same “look” as the minis, only with a little more SPARKLE factor!

✨REGULAR RAINBOWS- The regular rainbows are our most popular rainbow size as the rays hit along your shoulder and collarbones! These emphasize the collarbones, are GREAT for long hair and PACK a punch with minimal weight!

✨JUMBO RAINBOWS- The jumbo rainbows are the CRESCENDO in the rainbow game. They hit at the same length as the regular rainbows however they’re DOUBLE the rhinestone strands and double the statement with MINIMAL weight! These are the earrings you’ll grab for that special event when you wanna GLAM it up a notch, these are the rainbows that will give you the confidence to rule a COUNTRY, let’s be honest- these are the rainbows you will think about long after you take them off (if you ever do).

🪄💖Every rainbow size was created and intended to differently flatter and emphasize your natural beauty. Because YOU are what makes your rainbows shine!