Order Requirements:

HI FRIEND! I’m thrilled you’re interested in a wholesale partnership! We treat all of our wholesale relationships like a collaborative effort to raise exposure for our brand as well as yours! We ask for proper accreditation on physical sales, online sales and social media promotion! (Tagging on social media efforts, caption to include “Made by: Hair Candy by Han” on website and all rainbows will be sent on HCBH business cards for physical sales!) We will reshare social media efforts and send local customers to your store directly! 

Each boutique is given their own UNIQUE rainbow designs that are only available at your store to create a unique experience and inventory for each of our boutique partners! This allows each boutique to charge what they need to charge for their rainbows as they cannot be purchased anywhere else!

In order to receive 15% off of your order, you must purchase a minimum of 15 units. 

For 20% off of your order, you must purchase a minimum of 20 units.

In order to quality for “wholesale pricing,” which is 30% off, you must purchase a minimum of 30 units.

Wholesale Orders will include mini, midi and regular sized rainbows. You choose your unit assortment. You may submit a maximum of 3 color-ways in which you want your rainbows to follow or if you do not have specific colors you need, I will create your color-ways!


Payment Information:

We accept payments via paypal or venmo.


You are NOT bound to our pricing. Most of our retailers mark their pieces up 15-30% to increase their margins.


All orders must be pre-paid. Once you have received an invoice, you have 24 hours to pay before your order is cancelled and items are released to other buyers. The only time this will be appealed is if an arrangement of payment is made beforehand and acknowledged between both parties. We are not able to ship until payment has been remitted and has cleared. Please note, for large orders, each item is handmade and takes time. Please provide 1-2 weeks before you receive your order!

Please email for

inquiries, orders, etc. or shoot us a DM on social!