Order Requirements:

HI FRIEND! I’m thrilled you’re interested in a wholesale partnership! We treat all of our wholesale relationships like a collaborative effort to raise exposure for our brand as well as yours! We ask for proper accreditation on physical sales, online sales and social media promotion! (Tagging on social media efforts, caption to include “Made by: Hair Candy by Han” on website and all rainbows will be sent on HCBH business cards for physical sales!)

In order to quality for “wholesale pricing,” which is 30% off, you must purchase a minimum of 15 units.

Wholesale Orders can include mini, midi and / or regular sized rainbows.

(We do not wholesale our jumbos as our margins are too tight.)

Payment Information:

We accept payments via paypal or venmo.

Ready to start your order? 

Shoot me an email at with the following:

1- The name, instagram handle and website of your boutique!

2- Which rainbows you want in your order (up to three styles per order) and what size you want them all to be.


You will then receive an invoice and we will begin making your order! 

Please provide 1-2 weeks before you receive your order!

Rainbow Price Sheet

Rainbow Size Chart

*Note: We do not wholesale our jumbos as our margins are too tight!*