MYSTERY Waterfall Earrings

MYSTERY Waterfall Earrings

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SIZE: Waterfall Earrings

This listing is for ONE PAIR OF SURPRISE WATERFALLS! You read that right, A COMPLETE A TOTAL SURPRISE! We’re in the business of making you sparkle but we also LOVE to keep you on your TOES!!! There are 5 TOTAL surprise waterfalls available! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Grab them before they’re gone!

*EAR Candy IS GORGEOUS and they’re such a STATEMENT piece! REGULAR earrings weigh approx. .4 ounces, which is surprisingly lightweight considering how much SPARKLE there is!) These earrings are STATEMENT EARRINGS!

Please note: Each pair of earrings is handmade. No two pairs will ever be the same as each pair is unique. If you love it, GRAB IT! 

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