Oh.... you caught us looking at you? GUILTY. ;)


Interested in our brand? Let’s put our compatibility to the test! Our ambassador program is VERY limited because we want our ambassadors to ultimately FALL IN LOVE with our brand, but of course, we’ll take it slow... I mean, if you insist. ;)


Take a look below and let us know where we stand... Then shoot us an email ( with your package choice in the subject line and send us your social media handle in the body and let us know why you’d be excited to scream about our relationship from the rooftops and if we are compatible, we will GET THIS THING STARTED!


(*we INVEST in our ambassador relationships so space is VERY limited*)


Package Outlines-



This is if we’ve caught your eye and you’re ready to see what it’s all about!


•MARKETING- Unboxing and try on with verbal feedback of how we did on social media! If we impressed you, let us know!

•GIFT- We will send you a surprise.... let us charm you. ;) (ONE item*)



You like what you see and you’re ready to explore things with us further! So now... we’re ready to WOO you.


•MARKETING- Unboxing + try-on on social and a static post on your feed. We want people to know you’re with us! ;)


•GIFT- We will send you a bag of sparkles. We are still trying to win you over, you know. (TWO items*)



You’re impressed, you think about us often and it’s about time for us to start making some decisions together about our future.


•MARKETING- Unboxing + try-on on social, 1 static post on your feed outlining all the things you love about our relationship and instagram stories dedicated to styling your new favorite products!


•GIFT- YOU CHOOSE your regular sized rainbows and two skittles OR medium sized clip. (2-3 ITEMS of your choosing*) Well even throw in a temporary promo code for your followers!




You’re IN LOVE and really believe in our relationship and WANT MORE!!!!! Us, too. ;) Let’s make it official and give you some stock in the biz- a DESIGN WE CREATE TOGETHER! And the best part? We name them after YOU!!!!!


MARKETING- At least ONE instagram/ facebook live a month showcasing your items, styling them, encouraging your circle to support our relationship! WEEKLY instagram stories wearing your items, at LEAST one instagram post on social every month tagging our products. PERMANENT personalized promo code for your followers.

 •GIFT- A relationship is all about give and take, right? At this point you can expect ongoing gift bags. We know your time and influence is valuable and we intend to reward your work!These bags will reflect the traffic you bring into our business based on the total amount accumulated through your discount code. If you bring in 7 orders, you can expect 5-7 items in your next gift bag. Listen.... We promise your gift bag will be worth your while. If you love on us, well love you right back.... but just a little bit harder. ;)


WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Let’s give this thing a WHIRL!






***As a small business, we do ask that you be sure to have placed at least ONE order with us before inquiring to become an ambassador!***